• Nixit Menstrual Cup
  • Nixit Menstrual Cup

Nixit Menstrual Cup

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Nixit is a suction-free, reusable, BPA-free menstrual cup that fits you. Ultra soft silicone and a unique, one size fits all shape, nixit conforms to you.

How to use

It can take a couple of cycles to find your rhythm with nixit! We know, we’ve been there too. The more relaxed you are, the easier insertion & removal will become.

✨Boil to Clean
Clean your nixit in boiling water for 5 mins, before first use and between cycles

✨Squeeze & Insert
Hold between your thumb & forefinger to squeeze. Insert by gliding it back & down towards tailbone

✨Tuck & Check
Push the front rim to tuck it up and check

✨Remove & Reuse
Untuck front rim and gently pull out

nixit sits above the vaginal canal - different to a tampon or traditional cup and holds itself in place naturally.

No scary suction required